Francis Koch

Francis Koch

Francis Koch is a Montreal born artist who works and resides in the beautiful Laurentian Mountains since 2016. He studied visual arts, illustration and graphic design.

His paintings alternate between abstraction and figuration in an effort to broaden the conversation. He explores a range of mediums as varied as computer graphics, collage, sculpture and installation.

In his figurative work, he tackles sociological and anthropological themes like nomadism and sedentarity, materialism and oppression. 

His abstract explorations take on a more introspective approach looking at the great metaphysical questions through the contemporary lenses of the digital revolution and the new scientific models, questioning the notions of reality and perception.

The particular series of paintings and collages seen here are fragments taken from travel journals; impressionistic snapshots of a hyper-sedentarized era in which overwhelming mobility has lost all of its authentic nomadic qualities. Through portraits of this era, he illustrates how our deep rooted nomadic heritage was overtaken by the materialist dogma, highlighting the effects it has on our relation to others, to our past and our connection to place.