Norma Andreu, aka Cara Carmina, is a Mexican visual artist living in Montreal since 2009. Her work has found singular recognition in the Montreal children books scene where she has published already 9 books. Illustrator, doll artist, designer and entrepreneur, Cara Carmina wears multiple hats to nurture her passion for art.

She has a background in graphic design, fine arts and children's illustration and has studied in Mexico City (National Institute of Fine Arts), Florence (Palazzo Spinelli) and New York City (Parsons the New School for Design).

Her work aims to portray the beauty of simple things; she tries to interpret the world in a whimsical, childlike way. What she enjoys the most is transforming simple elements - a piece of paper or a scrap of fabric - into something fantastic, giving life to different characters, telling stories, creating in a simple, yet beautiful way. Norma's work is passionate, full of expression, imaginative and whimsical; it is both a reflection of her background and of her personality.

Cara Carmina likes to experiment with her work and she has taken part of the vibrant street art scene of Montreal and Rome where she pasted her work during the Summer of 2016 and 2017.