(AKA Julie Touchette)

ZUT is an emerging artist based in the same mountain resort community as Arteria gallery; she supplies daily infusions of infectious joy as she sails down the main street on her skateboard. A humble and free-spirited artist whose guiding principle appears to be a pure, optimistic emotionality, ZUT's large scale compositions on wood possess an uncanny power to disarm the hearts of their viewers. She creates puppet-like figures in sketchy, minimalistic gestures which she integrates with whimsical and plain-spoken narrative fragments. ZUT's curious textual juxtapositions- "Je suis crazy, crazy, crazy…de toi" springs to mind-comprise simple, powerful expressions of human feeling which instantly inject the space they inhabit with an aura of love. ZUT's colorful, glossy surfaces offset the light which emanates from the souls of her characters.

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