Virginie Bocaert

Born in France - Living and working in Montréal since 2002

Already passionate about painting when she was very young, Virginie Bocaert chose to study fashion at École Supérieure de Mode de Paris. She graduated with distinction and started working in design but she could not resist the lure of painting. Her initial steps in the art world began with representations of the female body emerging from the canvas in an improbable, very abstract atmosphere.

"In her current artistic approach, combining plastic art and photography, the artist does not shrink from confronting realistic elements and abstraction to create a work that gives the viewer total freedom to interpret it as he will. The subtle touches to her images and the talent she shows in expressing the spoken and the non-spoken bear witness to a profound questioning about the close relationship between a body that inevitably changes over time and the emotions that it hides masks, suggests or deliberately expresses, about this fragile equation of the visible and the invisible, an essential token of our human condition." - Yvan Brohard

In fact, in her works, the nonfigurative is not opposed to the figurative but is simply another manifestation of the inner gaze just as the mental and physical states are not opposites, they just are. The latest development in her work has taken her towards the use of new mediums such as photography, performance and the wide range of digital elements that technology has made available to artists...

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