Val Escoubet

Portrait painter, VAL ESCOUBET distinguishes herself by hyper-realist work of art filled by the
protagonists' emotions which she makes sure of depicting with much convaincrions and dynamism.
The artist explores plenitude, love and joy as well as body movement, such as dancing, which she
highlights in women, men and children pictures.

« I want all my paintings to be alive and that we feel the subject is going out of the canvas »...such
is the goal she seeks at every single new project.

Choosing oil painting is an obvious decision for the end result, the sensitivity of shade and depth.
In order to empower the picture thus made, the artist fills the background of its work of arts with
bright colors and designs often borrowed from the Street Art's such as graffitis and letterings.

The use of acrylic paint thus became mandatory when neon or metal colors prevail or when many
overlays or the use of dripping decorate the painting.

More than a token of appreciation to the graffiti artists that she admires a lot, it is much more about
her deep interest for urban art which is engraved in her roots and culture.
So, combining « black and white » and bright colors provide her art dynamism and modernity.

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