Thierry Hoyau

Born in Paris on Christmas Day 1962, Thierry is a « young artist ». After 25 years of working in the field of media (Minitel, Internet, Video...), the need to do other things and the desire to explore new horizons steered him towards his artistic endeavors.

This change of career, as well as a move to a new land, provided him with a fresh outlook on life. His travels have influenced him and have led him to move to Quebec. The whole process has enhanced his motivation to pursue his artistic interests and his rediscovery of Montréal has led him to the confirmation of pursuing this new career path.

Autodidact and an adept of multi-tasking, this self-taught artist's thirst for knowledge and desire to understand the world around us, has made him a passionate person. At first, his passion has led him to work with various materials. However, mainly because he was in pursuit of a challenge and because of his need to master and tame the matter, he later decided to pursue working mostly with metal.

Inhabited by his passion, by the smell, by the strength and finesse of the raw materials he uses, Thierry loves the mixture of endless angles, of the heat from the thousand degrees needed for cutting and welding his pieces, of the smoothness provided by sanding, of the delicate nature required in the oxidation process and the vigor in which the materials he uses defend themselves...

In the end, things are pretty simple: by diversifying materials and using them contrary to their original purpose, the artist wants to create a paradox that challenges the imagination leading the main subject of each piece to always be made from steel while the support varies from one artwork to another.

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