Thierry Hoyau

In narrating his artistic development, Thierry Hoyau recalls the experience of relocating from France to Quebec as a process of rebirth. From his early professional life in media, when his work was focused and contained by screens, Hoyau shifted towards a profoundly physical practice in which he would seek dominion over rough, industrial material. Steel emerged as his primary inspiration and sparring partner at the point when his arrival in Montreal compelled his immersion in urban environs, of a newly tactile state of being-in-the-world.

Hoyau's art betrays a passionate exploration of process, in which he humbles himself to the salvaged metal which he seeks to liberate from its former life as an automobile or scaffold. He marvels at the resilience of matter as it "defends itself" against his vigorous pursuit of chemical transformation. The newly smooth and oxidative surfaces assume the silhouettes of the skylines for which they once provided the backbone. Ensconced by saturated skies, Hoyau's cities evoke the singular tone of a particular place, forming documents of remembered or imagined wandering.

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