Mr Revrac

Mr. Revrac thinks of art as a mirror, reflecting who we are as a society back onto ourselves. He observes our uncertainties and asks, "where are we going, and what might become of us?" He sees human kind as increasingly subsumed by a vast socio- and technological system, as losing a sense of individual identity and emerging simply as cogs in a machine. Human are intertwined with everyone and everything, with objects and the environment, and thus a tangible self-definition as well as a collective sense of ourselves as a society grows elusive. Much of Revrac's work is influenced by the aesthetics of the Sci-Fi genre of Cyberpunk, which reveals the struggle of the human in a global system governed by technology. An artist of purposeful political conviction, Mr. Revrac creates vast tangles of materials which evoke the human body and its inextricable relationship to technology.

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