Curriculum Vitae | Statement

Do you think you really know her
18_Little dot_11x17
17_Mystery behind the closed door
16_Pumpkin woman_19x28
15_Play hide and seek_13x19
14_Lost in translation_14x19
13_The flight of desire_19x28
12_Every body wants to take their place_13x19
11_The silence of solitude_19x24
9_Little fairy 2 _13x19
8_Little fairy_13x19
7_The short scale_13x19
6_Too little to touch you_19x24
5_Away from my brothers and sisters_19 x 28 inches
4_Greater life_19x28
3_I lost my only friend_19x24
2_Be yourself or let it go_30x40
1_Looking for my roots_19x24


From somewhere
Broken link
10_Ride on_19x14