Following a first production essentially based on the nostalgia of old and outdated everyday objects on brightly coloured backgrounds, Limbo is now proposing a reflection on childhood through its different social and cultural contexts.

For Limbo, the parallel between a Twister board game and a mine field, or between a water pistol and a real firearm, reinforces the idea that the place you are born is in fact a draw, an unjust lottery.

By representing toys from their naive and carefree childhood, the duo also reminds us that they were privileged, that the memory of playing like a kid when you are a kid is a strong and happy feeling that every child should experience, that all objects that represent childhood moments should be harmless.

It is through screen printing that the duo is sharing their bittersweet vision of social cruelty. A method that reminds the two 40 y/o kids the wonders and joy of discovery every time they raise the screen.

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