Granada Arias

I've been painting since I was very young, art was for me like a call I had to attend ... I feel more a painter than an artist, art for me, rather than a truth-of-artist transferred to canvas, is paint, its possibilities, colors, textures, it is fabric, it is paper, it is light and matter and a serious conversation with it ... in front of it, I say what I want and it tells me what it can.... And I sit down many hours in front of the painting I try to create, I look at it when I paint and I look at it when I do not paint, and I caress it, and I wake up and go to bed thinking on it, sometimes I ask to it why I'm not finding you? And then I leave a little being me and I allow it to tell me, to relate me, I close my eyes and let myself be guided by its soul .... And painting and I started to understand each other, I mix my language with its. My painting is that, the mix of what I am and what I want and I can, with the mix of what matter is and wants and can.... And then I start to get nervous, my system secretes those hormones as prize, reward and I know I'm doing well.... Especially that is the key.... When I know with all my strength that after all I am doing a big thing and not in size, but in painting...

Beauty is what saves us.

To me, art is balance, counterweight, which compensates for everything else. Must be beautiful, delicate, humble and sublime, it aims to find the hidden secret of things.

I believe in the sublime mission of the artist to create beauty, to make balance, to rise above the mundane, the terrible, ugly and normal... to transform energy, the artist transforms the miseries and saves souls. Art is the distiller. It is transformer, it is alchemy, medicine.

I paint the little things, mini-universes.

I like to paint characters lost in their thoughts, with their feelings inward, they don't smile nor cry, they invoke only their inside, but if you look at them from outside, you can get an idea of what they have inside, how they could be. They are sweet, tender, some melancholic.

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