Claire Poiré

Being very preoccupied by the disruption of traditional values, I channel through my work a constant desire for harmony and serenity.

My search for a new balance, the equilibrium between yin and yang, the male and female forms, the Anima and Animus, results in the collision and disruption of volumes in my work. At the same time, a feeling of peacefulness and joyfulness emanates from my production.

Everything moves : my bodies breathe, dance, evolve; they look for peace, serenity, balance.

My sculptures are drawings in space, where I let my subconscious « take a line for a walk » (Paul Klee). The spontaneousness of my materials triggers news ideas and shapes, complementing my artistic research.

Bronze particulary appeals to me, as it radiates strenght and solidity, while being at the same time infinitely plastic, in its ability to reliably transmit the smallest details. It is a material which evolves with time.

To model matter and to be modeled by it ; inventing spaces to express thoughts, feelings, or sensations : this is the essence of my approach.

Claire Poiré

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