Annabelle Marquis

Montreal-based artist Annabelle Marquis combines paints and collage so that they flow together imperceptibly in spectacularly atmospheric compositions. In certain pieces, the expressive brushstrokes seem to bleed out from the paper fragments, as if the collage determines the painted forms. Elsewhere, cloud-like swaths of gray, red, white and gold paint funnel towards a central cluster of pasted images, giving the impression of crystallizing and condensing into new material. Practically baroque, glossy textures and rich colors of the collage elements stand in stark contrast to sparse acrylic fogs. To view her work is to attempt to retrace the means by which it evolved.

Marquis realizes her images in a state of perpetual revelation, inaugurating a state of play between texture and subject. She poses technique as a question, a process of seeking consciousness. Signification occurs by means of haptic second sight; touch is Marquis' preferred mode of inquiry. She does not select materials to incorporate into her collage so much as read them with her fingertips. Mass, composition and impact are all weighed and assessed instinctively in pursuit of equilibrium.

Marquis acknowledges that this state of unknowing is permitted by intense focus. She wields an enviable decision-making power, which she attributes to the photographic concept of framing: honing in on certain elements and subtracting others to enhance readability. From unyielding attention to technique, Marquis derives a wealth of intuitive strength.

Annabelle Marquis has exhibited all over the world, and her work is featured in permanent collections across Canada and Europe.

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