Amélie Desjardins

From tree, to wreck, to artwork... Desjardins highlights the fusion of sedentary life (the tree) and adventure boats and bridges). Demonstrating that life is a passage that transforms the tree, and us, out of necessity. The work emphasizes on the accumulation of scars, fossils, and memories through the passage of time and the omnipresence of nature. Her approach is based both on the recovery of driftwood and a lyrical vision of the passage of time. Desjardins is a nomad...To find the materials she uses she is travelling the world by, train, motorbikes or sailboats with her husband and 2 kids.

She is always seeking out lost treasures during her ocean crossings. Skimming beaches around the world in search of wrecks and stranded treasures, she builds her works from the wreckages of bridges and boats, juxtaposing poetic images on these reclaimed structures. Her body of work can be seen as an allegory of the life of a tree, giving it a unique tribute. Desjardins is part of private and museum collections. She had residency, many solos and she participated in many national and international shows. She is currently represented by renown galeries.

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